“I’ve led engineers and technical people my entire professional life, and I have been a public figure, as well. The gap between what technical people know and what they can communicate to the public effectively leads to many public perception problems.”Robert is a two-way translator who can help technical people understand the public’s emotional concerns and the public understand what is really feasible.”

Joe Beal
Founder, Frontier Bank of Texas
Former General Manager, Lower Colorado River Authority

Robert Cullick is better than anyone I’ve seen at bridging the gap between the public and the organizational expert.”

“I took over a government enterprise that, unfortunately, had earned the mistrust of the million people that it served. Over time, we turned that around completely. The organization regained the respect of its stakeholders and customers, who supported the expansion of electric infrastructure, parks and water resources.  Revenues and assets doubled. Robert Cullick was a key member of the team that did this.”

Mark Rose
General Manager, Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
Former General Manager, LCRA

Robert’s easy rapport with the media, his credibility and integrity made him the ideal spokesman for the organization.”

“I have chaired a number of Boards that manage major government functions in Texas and I’ve been in private business for decades. I’m no stranger to the occasional controversy.”There’s no one I want more on my side than Robert Cullick.  He’s very credible, and he knows exactly what to say and do.”

Ray Wilkerson
Chairman, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

There’s no one I want more on my side than Robert Cullick.”

“We had an extremely tough problem to solve as an electric utility.  We could save $60 million for our customers if we replaced a power plant on the Highland Lakes. Unfortunately, since the original plant had been constructed, million-dollar homes had become its close neighbors. Robert and his team put together an integrated communication and public relations strategy for rolling this out and getting public input.  After the public meetings there was support and virtually no opposition to the plant from the surrounding community. Our Board of Directors cited the positive public response as a reason to move forward.”

Thomas G. Mason
Of Counsel: Environment and Natural Resources, Water Law;
Graves, Dougherty Hearon & Moody
Former General Manager, LCRA

Robert’s disciplined, but passionate approach to public input made the difference.”

“Robert Cullick is an exceptional communicator.  I particularly admire Robert’s commitment to keeping the employees of an organization informed and making topics easy to understand and act upon.”He helps people grow and that strengthens any organization.”

Christopher Kennedy
Chief Operating Officer, Lin-Mar Partners, Inc.
Former Chief Administrative Officer, LCRA

He helps people grow and that strengthens any organization.”

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