Case Study #1:

Building Public Acceptance for replacing the Ferguson Power Plant in Horseshoe Bay, Texas

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 Problem: In Fall 2009, LCRA needed to replace an inefficient power plant built in the 1970s on Lake LBJ. Horseshoe Bay, one of the most affluent and politically connected municipalities in Central Texas, had grown up around the plant, with homes starting at $1.5 million.“Robert’s disciplined, but passionate approach to public input made the difference.”

Thomas G. Mason
Of Counsel: Environment and
Natural Resources, Water Law,
Graves, Dougherty Hearon & Moody
Former General Manager, LCRA

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 Case Study #2:

Laying the groundwork for an historic, $2 billion regional water-sharing plan

Problem: A series of town hall meetings in 1995 surfaced deep hostility and suspicion in the Colorado River Basin about the possibility that the City of San Antonio would appropriate the river’s available water. The steward of the water, the Lower Colorado River Authority, believed it would be legally and politically impossible to stop San Antonio from its intention. A negotiated settlement was the best answer, but public opinion opposed dialogue.

“Robert Cullick is better than anyone I’ve seen at bridging the gap between the public and the technical issues. He is a two way translator…”

Joe Beal
Founder, Frontier Bank of Texas,
Former General Manager,
Lower Colorado River Authority

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• Case Study #3:

Achieving measurable public understanding of difficult choices in the protection of electric power 

Problem: As Texas moved toward a competitive electric generation market in the late 1990s, regulators and consumer interests continued to demand public involvement in electric resource choices — whether utilities should invest in coal, gas, nuclear, wind or conservation.
“There’s no one I want on my side more than Robert Cullick.”

Ray Wilkerson
Central Texas Regional

Mobility Authority

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•  Case Study #4:

Hitting the re-set button on accountability after devastating floods hit the Colorado River Basin

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Problem: In 1991 and 1992, a destructive series of floods hit the Colorado River Basin, keeping the river in flood operations for eight months. One thousand homes were inundated; landowners and communities lost $50 million in property.
“Robert’s easy rapport with the media, his credibility and integrity made him the ideal spokesman for the organization.”

Mark Rose
General Manager,
Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative
Former General Manager, LCRA

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